As an artist I am interested in the extremes of human experience, subconscious imagery, altered states, ritual and superstition. My artwork is inspired by found imagery, observational study and my own photography, which I will develop into finished works of imagination using traditional techniques such as oil painting, drawing and etching alongside digital processes, image manipulation and video editing. The final imagery is informed by these processes and, due to its composite nature, often has an element of ambiguity leaving it open to the viewer’s personal interpretation.


I worked in the creative industries in London and South West England for eleven years before studying BSc(Hons) Digital Art and Technology at University of Plymouth. After completing my degree I was offered the post of Digital Media Coordinator at Exeter Phoenix where I worked part-time on digital arts and film projects with artists and partner organisations for a further seven years. During the same period I worked as freelance as Production Manager at Animated Exeter and freelance Digital Producer with Joy Experiment, a collaboration of professional and emerging artists set up to develop new ways for audiences to view art. I relocated to Bristol in March 2011 and worked as freelance Digital Editor at Situations, part of University of West of England, where I was responsible for managing the digital engagement programme surrounding Alex Hartley’s ‘Nowhereisland‘ as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad. I started to develop my own art practice in 2012 since which I have been commissioned by the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children as part of their Arts Commissioning Programme, had work exhibited at Bertrand Delacroix Gallery in New York, Axelle Fine Arts in New York and Boston, Bo Lee Gallery in London, View Art Gallery in Bristol, at the 20/21 British Art Fair at the Royal College of Art and at Prema Arts Centre in Gloucestershire. I currently work at my studio in Bristol.

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